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Fire Detection

Purpose of Your Fire Alarm System

Alerting Residents

When the fire alarm system detects smoke, heat, or water movement, it alerts building occupants with audible and visible alarms. Bright, loud, obnoxious and impossible to ignore, these alarms will help mobilize people to follow your evacuation plan. Using both types of alarms ensures that everyone in the building is alerted. 

Detect Fire 

Your fire alarm system is designed to detect fires in two ways: smoke and heat. It should also have manual venting capability in the event a fire is observed before smoke or heat reaches the system's sensors. Other systems activate when motion is detected in the sprinkler system, indicating that the sprinklers are responding to a fire. 

Notifying Authorities 

The fourth purpose of your fire alarm system is to notify authorities. This ensures firefighters are on their way as quickly as possible so they can respond and put out the blaze before it becomes an even greater threat. 

Managing Risks 

Your building's fire alarm system thirdly protects you: by taking control measures to respond to potential risks. When the alarm is activated, some systems perform several tasks that help prevent the spread of fire and smoke and protect occupants, such as automatically closing doors in different zones, turning off ventilation and air conditioning or rerouting elevators to bring cars. on a certain level.

We pride ourselves on giving the best expert and technical advice.